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Many of the mobile phone owners around the world browse the internet via mobile handset. Therefore now it is necessary to business owners to ensure that their websites are compatible with mobile/smartphone browsers and should have mobile version of their website. Mobile phones use mobile websites for internet connectivity. Infoways Web Technologies offers mobile website designing services so user can browse internet on mobile. Mobile websites have smaller screens, less powerful than a computer website and having slower Internet connection. Our developers putting their efforts in identifying various mobile browsers and accordingly develop content to fit in various mobile browser. We evaluate the most important content for mobile browser compatibility through analysis.


  1. Layout : Professional mobile site versions, capturing important messages of your website.
  2. Website accessibility strategies.
  3. Falling line with stated web standards.
  4. Focus on usability.
  5. No visual noise by trimming the site to the exposed minimum design factors, enabling effective web page appearance on your mobile device.
  6. Mobile oriented messaging includes most important and relevant aspects of your site , ensuring readers interest.
  7. Effective customization of call to action for your site visitors.
  8. SEO friendly design.
  9. Result oriented mobile site promotion.
  10. Overall website promotion consultation by availing a custom online marketing plan for your business.


  1. Mobile Browser compatibility to ensure that your website works fine on all handsets.
  2. Mobile website architecture is designed to give the user a good browsing experience by taking care of color schemes used, minimum scrolls, less typing etc.
  3. Quick downloading of website by using optimized graphics etc.


  1. Wireless Mark-up Language (WML) Based on eXtensible Mark-up Language(XML).
  2. Extensible Hyper Text Mark-up Language(XHTML) was then defined by the World Wide Web Consortium(W3C).
  3. Using ASP.NET mobile controls of the .NET for creating customized dynamic content in the appropriate mark-up language(html 3.2, wml 1.1, XHTML).


Iphone has revolutionized the mobile device. Today in mobile world iphones with Internet, multimedia GSM smartphone marketed by Apple Inc. has become most popular. Most of the people using iphones to view web content because of its minimum hardware interface and built- in features that help users to navigate website intended for bigger screens. Because of portability and easy use, peoples are switching from computer to iphone technologies for Internet access. Using iphone you can make calls, surf the web, send and receive emails, launch aplications, play games, text your friends, book tickets and listen music. To fulfill customers need business owners developing website for iphones supported by the desktop browsers, to make the latest technology available to users.


We at Infoways Web Technologies develop websites that integrates the latest technology that can be operated natively on the iphone. We help you to create customized website as well as to upgrade your site by providing iphone compatible website solution. Our experts pay special attention to your requirements such as iphone display, resolution, features, colour option and so on. Our aim is to add more functionality, multimedia options during website development so our customer will be satisfied.

Our main focus is on:

  1. Optimized images and minimized code for quick downloading.
  2. Clear design with perfect resolution necessary for the iphone.
  3. Valid W3C HTML/CSS enables a smooth functioning of your site.
  4. Maximum accessibility and usability options available for all kind of users.


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